Essential Color

Essential Color (60gm)
Oxidation color cream that guarantess complete coverage,a natural color and an uniformed and lasting effect. The quality of its chromatic range contributes to the hair’s brightness and luster, resulting in very lively tones.Its carefully created formula,rich in high affinity colorants,covers grey hair perfectly.

How to Use:
Mix the desire Essential Color with Cream Developer in a not metallic container,using a spatula
or a shaker.The quantity and volumes of the Cream Developer, and the exposure time,depend on the color choses(see chart below).

Coloration Lightening Powder Color Cream Cream Developer Volumes Of The Cream Developer Exposure Time
Shade Over Shade (All Hair But Grey) 2 Shades 1 Tube 120 10 20-30 Min
Shade Over Shade(Grey Hair) 2 Shades 1 Tube 90 10 20-30 Min
Covering 3 Shades 1 Tube 90 20 20-30 Min
Lightening 4 Shades 1 Tube 90 30 30 Min
Extra Lightening 5-6 Shades 1 Tube 120 30-40 30-45 Min
After Bleaching Corrects The Shade 1 Tube 90 20 15-20 Min
Thick Grey Hair 3 Shades 1 Tube 90 20 Up to 45 Min

After the application of the Essential Colors, we recommend washing the hair with the PH 4.5 Shampoo,so that it recovers its natural PH. In order to maintain the color and optimum shine,has formulated the color enhancing line.For more information,consult PostQuam’s Color Chart.